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Dynamite Chili

This is probably the hottest roasted pepper we carry!  It is rated as a XXX hot variety, and normally is used to "heat up" a dish, or mix in with other peppers that just didn't have enough heat.  The flavor is excellent, but be careful with this one! 



We are the largest distributor of Fresh and Dried Green and Red chili in Colorado! Our chili is shipped in every 1-2 days fresh from the farms! Denver’s premier outlet for fresh chiles. We specialize in Hatch Chili’s, considered the “World’s Best Chile Pepper” and dozens of other varieties of Chile peppers available. In addition to our great selection of Chiles we carry, Piñon Nuts, New Mexico Style Beef Jerky, Chile Powders, and Snacks. We are located at 5501 N Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80221. Stop in to check out all our amazing products in person!

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